Blue house in Vermont with a stunning standing seam metal roof

Standing Seam Metal Roofing in Vermont

Standing seam metal roofing is a type of metal roofing that has seams which run vertically up the panels. These seams are then joined together using a special interlocking system. This type of roofing is highly energy efficient, reflects heat away from the building in the summer, and helps keep the building warm in the winter. As a result, it can help reduce your energy bills. It is also a popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings, thanks to its durability and long lifespan. Unlike other traditional roofing options, standing seam metal roofing is designed to withstand severe weather conditions and can last for decades with minimal maintenance.

Another upside to using metal roofing is that it is also environmentally friendly, as it is 100% recyclable at the end of its lifespan. For all these reasons, standing seam metal roofing is an excellent choice for any business or property owner looking for a durable and sustainable roofing solution. If you are looking for a durable, efficient, and cost-effective roofing option, Vermont Construction Company can help you determine if standing seam metal roofing may be the right choice for you.

  • Premium roof style found on many homes in Vermont
  • Higher upfront cost, but extended lifespan makes it more cost-effective in the long run
  • Clean lines, fantastic curb appeal
  • We choose to employ standing seam specialists due to the difficulty of installation
  • All work is backed by our top of the line warranty

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Standing Seam Metal Roofing Features

Long-Lasting and Durable

  • The average lifespan of a standing seam metal roof can be upwards of 75 years! 
  • Highly resistant to wind, rain, hail, snow, and ice.
  • Fire-resistant and impact-rated to keep any home safe from disaster.
  • Can be easily applied and requires limited maintenance over time.
  • Easy to clean and upkeep. 
  • All work is backed by our top-of-the-line warranty!

Energy-Efficient Roofing Material​

  • Standing seam roofs offer long-term thermal resilience with solar reflective paints. 
  • Recyclable metal roofing material
  • Lightweight material, leaving less strain on the structure of your home.
  • Perfect material for green home construction projects!
Aerial view of a blue house in Vermont with a stunning standing seam metal roof
Blue house in Vermont with a stunning standing seam metal roof

Customizable Curb Appeal

  • Standing seam roof panels come in a variety of finishes, allowing for color coordination with any home!
  • Solar panels can easily be installed on standing seam metal roofs, increasing energy efficiency.
  • Easily install snow guards to help fight against the harsh Vermont winters. 
  • Increased curb appeal and higher resale value than other roofing options.

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