A new flat EPDM rubber roof on a commercial building in Burlington, Vermont.

EPDM Rubber Roof Replacement – Commercial Building in Burlington, VT

Details: EPDM Rubber Roof Replacement on a Commercial Building in Burlington, VT.

We are thrilled to showcase yet another one of our recent projects: a successful EPDM rubber roof replacement project in the heart of Burlington’s Old North End. This commercial building, a hub for local businesses including the renowned Pho Hong restaurant, the well-loved Old Spokes Home bicycle repair shop, and the community-oriented Good News Garage, presented us with the opportunity to demonstrate our expertise. Our skilled team meticulously executed the EPDM rubber roof replacement, ensuring watertight security and durability for years to come. We’re always proud to create roofs that stand the test of time and provide a protective shield to the local businesses we love.

Materials: EPDM Rubber.

50 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty: 100% Labor and Materials.