Blue house in Vermont with a stunning standing seam metal roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof – Modern Farmhouse in Shelburne, VT

Details: Standing Seam Metal Roof Replacement for a Modern Farmhouse in Shelburne, VT.

Our latest project in Shelburne, Vermont is a testament to our expertise in delivering top-tier metal roofs. We had the privilege of building a new standing seam metal roof that perfectly complemented the architectural elegance of a modern farmhouse with solar panels. Our team of expert roofers were thorough and detailed in their installation process, the final product giving this home a sleek, modern appearance and robust protection against Vermont’s ever-changing weather conditions. Seamlessly blending contemporary aesthetics with unmatched durability, this project showcases our commitment to quality and is a shining example of what Vermont Construction Company Roofing Division can achieve.

Materials: Standing Seam Metal Panels.

50 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty: 100% Labor and Materials.